Creativity in Teaching our Future

Over the last few years, it’s not hard to see that many people are into the “Do It Yourself” thing. Many DIY sites have sprung up and have catered to a growing niche of internet entrepreneurs. Whether it be, ehum, blogging or selling their own line of whatever.

I have also realized that this is something that students, young and old also enjoy doing. Students really enjoy engaging in projects that they will see as beneficial financial and in terms of their status. Even young students want to know whether their actions or their efforts be monetized, save money, or enhance their reps.

Interestingly, I have done a couple of projects and have determined that teachers can build into their curriculum worthy DIY projects that surpass “standards” and build critical connections that serve students well. In addition, these “connections” also help to teach students the spoon fed curriculum many teachers have to abide by. Interjecting creativity in teaching through projects students love and find relevant is a win-win situation of which the very positive results will last a lifetime: confidence, critical thinking skills, and sense of empowerment. It’s hard to put those three on paper or measure on a test, but I’d take my chances that if you throw them into the mix, you will also get great test scores.

file: victor E. Acevedo, Victor Acevedo

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