Monthly Archives: July 2013

It’s Not what People Call You – it’s What You Answer To – By Victor E. Acevedo

If you had time to live a bit you’ll understand what the title means and declares. It is good advice. In fact, I’d go on to say that it’s in my top 3 pointers (I can’t remember what the other two are at the moment). Just know, that it’s up there.

Let’s just take a look at the saying again for a moment:

It’s not what people call you – it’s what you answer to!

We are swimming in labels and names that people try to call us or stick us with – many of them negative. There are many reasons for this negative name calling. As kids, it might just be just to establish a pecking order. But when as adults it’s really often about gaining something. Marketers try to label us and then ask us to buy their solution.

Yet, what the statement is really saying is that we still have the power. The power always rests with us – it always has and it always will. And yet, somehow and somewhere we let these labels – or life itself – convince us that they are true and that we lost that power.

Join me in taking off those labels. Join me in remembering who you are and choosing who or what you answer to.

It’s exciting to know that we have a choice to decide who we are and the direction that our life goes in. But it really depends on us – and our actions. Something as strong and powerful as who we answer to matters. Let’s get started and remember:

It’s not what people call you – it’s what you answer to that’s important.


- By Victor E. Acevedo.