Changing Lives

Victor E. acevedoVictor E. Acevedo has been noted as incredible teacher since 1994. He has worked at several schools and school districts and worked in general education and special education classes he specialized in working with people with disabilities and had been a focused on addressing the post school options for those in the special education program. Victor E. Acevedo has worked with hundreds of students for nearly two decades. He has also developed transition and special education curriculum for many students. “He has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of young people and their families over two decades,” said one parent advocate. In addition, he has taught and worked with wide variety of students with varying abilities he has been an advocate for more services, training programs, and community access to jobs, street and business access for those students in wheel chairs. Aside from working with students with disabilities, he has also worked with high school students young adults in a successful mentoring program.